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HiveGate ( Single Item)


Price: $14 US Dollars

(Prices shown are exclusive of GST. This only affects New Zealand customers)



Product description


HiveGate™ stops robbing by intruders such as robbing bees, wasps and yellow jackets. 

HiveGate™ is a tunnel-like device that is fitted inside the hive, onto the hive base. One end becomes the external hive entrance. The other end becomes the internal and now the actual hive entrance, positioned under the bee cluster.


The design of this new entrance improves the bees’ defence by:


  • directing intruders (such as robbing bees or wasps) to the bee cluster where they are forced to engage with a large number of bees;

  • as well as making the journey into the hive more difficult for the intruders.


The tunnel design changes the bees’ line of defence from only at the front of the hive, to a zone of defence and multiple points of detection throughout the tunnel – which ends under the bee cluster where the bees can now very easily detect the stressed intruder. The alarm pheromones from the now stressed intruder alert the bees in the cluster. Confrontation with the bees is now unavoidable for the intruder resulting in the bees starting a continued attack. The intruder now has to engage and fight the bees and cannot slink into the hive unnoticed.


Most intruders (such as robbing bees or wasps) don’t make it past the internal entrance of the HiveGate and give up by leaving the tunnel unsuccessfully. If an intruder does make it past this point and into the hive, then it encounters continuous fighting from the bees and eventually dies.  The HiveGate design prevents the intruder from seeing the exit, making it extremely difficult for the intruder to find a way out, especially when it is under continued attack from the bees.


Importantly, an unsuccessful entry from an intruder means that this intruder can not communicate a successful robbing to its own colony. The end result being that your hive will not become the target of an attack by increasing numbers of intruders. Robbers will look for another, weaker, unprotected hive.


  • Less robbing means stronger colonies.

  • Bees spend less energy on defending the hive.

  • More productive hives.

  • Fewer colony loss.

  • Fewer pathogens from intruders.


HiveGate ( Single Item)

Excluding GST
  • HiveGate dimensions: 

    • 10mm high (outside wall)

    • 8mm high (inside – bee space)

    • 70mm wide

    • 270mm long


    HiveGate is made of high quality ASA plastic with an additional UV protection over and above the UV protection already present in ASA plastic . We chose this high quality durable plastic to make sure HiveGate will last in your hives for many years. 


    • Easy to install.

    • Fits on different types of hive bases.

    • Fits in nucleus hives.

    • No continuous monitoring needed, set and forget.

    • Durable, made of high quality ASA plastic, UV protected.

    • Chemical free pest control.

    • Supports natural bee defence behaviour.

    • Does NOT interrupt the bees’ normal hive entrance behaviour (unlike screens). The bees immediately enter the HiveGate™ entrance as normal.

    • No need to move hives that are under attack to a different location.


    Depending on your hive, you may require an Adaptor Plate, which allows the HiveGate to attach to the beehive without any unnecessary gaps.

    When fitting the HiveGate to nucleus hives, or where the entrance to the hive is located at a small distance above the floor level then also use the Periscope, which is fitted on the inside of the hive.

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