BeeIQ Solutions is a small family business based in New Zealand. Our goal is to provide solutions, enabling bees to control their hive naturally, improving their health and production. We observe and study bee behaviour as the basis for solutions to problems that bees face in modern-day beekeeping.

The BeeIQ Solutions journey starts somewhere in 2017 with Kyle Atkinson, the inventor of HiveGate. A beekeeper himself Kyle becomes more and more convinced that the current beehive design is not ideal for a bee colony to control their internal hive environment. 


Initially focussing on robbing by intruders such as wasps it becomes clear that a change of hive entry design enables the bees to take control of their hive naturally. This is when the idea for HiveGate starts. 

Whilst developing and producing HiveGate, BeeIQ Solutions continuously observes and monitors the difference in behaviour that bee colonies show with this newly designed hive entrance. 

Continued research is aimed towards improving the ways beekeepers can manage their hives, working with the bees' natural behaviour. 

Kyle Atkinson - Bio

Coming soon. 

Our mission

To develop durable innovative solutions that improve bee health and hive production, by observing the bees natural behaviour and take this as the basis for our developments.