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Adaptor Plate (Single Item)

Adapter Plate to fit HiveGate (single item).


The Adapter Plate is optional and can be used to fit the HiveGate(s).

You may decide to use the Adapter Plate or opt for an alternative way to fit the HiveGate(s). Your decision may depend on the type of hive box or hive base you use.


The Adapter Plate can be used to fit one HiveGate or reverse it to fit two HiveGates.


Size: 312mm length x 70mm high x 1mm steel thickness. ** See the explanation for the length of the plate in the description below. 

Pre-galvanized steel.

Adaptor Plate (Single Item)

Excluding GST
  • The Adapter Plate is optional and can be used to fit the HiveGate(s).

    We have chosen the current length of the Adapter Plate (312mm) to make sure it can be fitted to different types of hive base situations.

    Many wooden hive bases have risers that extend beyond the length of the bee box. Because risers come in various widths it is difficult to manufacture a one-size-fits-all Adapter Plate.

    The adapter plate was designed to fit the width of both an 8-frame box and a 10-frame box, no matter what type of riser the hive base has.  This DOES mean that fitting the Adapter Plate to a 10 frame box requires you to make a small adaption to our hive base to close the gap between the HiveGate and the side walls of the bee box. Please see the instructions for fitting HiveGate so different hive base situations on our website:

    You may wonder, why not two different sizes? Why not one length to fit an 8-frame box and another wider length to fit a 10-frame box?  The issue we run into is the width of the risers when using a hive base with extended risers. The Adapter Plate needs to fit inside the extended risers, which makes it near impossible to make a one-size-fits-all for a 10 frame box. Some risers are 10mm, some 15mm and some up to 20mm, which would then all require different Adapter Plate widths.

    Please do give us your feedback or send us your queries. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

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